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My work, technique and influences

I have several collections that have been created to inspire and fill your space with colour and personality.  If you are looking for a statement piece, you have come to the right place.  There is something to be said for the simplicity of one large artwork on a wall and I am happy to work with you to fit your sizing and colour requirements. 


All my artworks are painted by myself and are original. I don't reproduce the same original, but if there is something you like I can paint something similar for you.


Quality is very important to me, so whether it is an original painting or a giclee print, all are printed off-site by an expert who understands colour management and who uses museum grade inks, and acid-free, high quality papers and canvases that will last and stay true for years to come.

Remembrance insitu at Annes.jpg



Oil on canvas is my favourite medium as I love the depth that is created by layering translucent colours on top of each other.  Each artworks can take two to three months to complete depending on their size and complexity. 




My art reflects my inner beliefs of being caring, responsible, and respectful towards others and to everything in our natural world.  Nature and the environment are a big part of who I am.  What I paint is often driven by my concern for the environment and I aim to give a voice to environmental issues through visual narratives.  

Imagery, colour, and composition are tools that I use to express narratives on climate change, the impact of waste on our environment and on habitat and species loss.  I paint in a subtle way, so that viewers get an inkling of a story that they can work out for themselves.  This approach enables me to raise awareness without being confrontational and I love playing with ideas and contrasting simplicity with complexity.  What might first look like a nice picture has a serious message behind it.

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