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My Collections

Thanks for taking the time to look at my collections. I add to each regularly as  I'm the type of person who juggles my thinking/direction and I will paint several paintings along different directions at the same time.  This keeps my artwork fresh and keeps me challenged. In a way my collections are a little like unfinished symphonies that I revisit often.

I believe art is a way to understand the world and discover the truth.  It can transport viewers to another time and place and I invite you to see the world through my eyes. 


Style and technique are irrelevant to me - what I find important is self-awareness.  I like to draw attention to the beauty of nature and the problems we are currently facing.  If I can assist in making people become more aware of the world around us and care about the impact we have on others and our environment, as they happen, then I have achieved my goal.  

"A touch of whimsy" collection


Welcome to my whimsical collection, where playfulness meets quirky and fun!  

These paintings appeal to the child in me, portraying playful depictions in nature. 


Creating artwork is as important to me as the air that I breathe. It is the language I use to tell my story, to celebrate nature and encourage protection of our environment, and to generate a sense of wellbeing, positivity, hope, and joy.

"Plight"- environmental collection


This collection gives a voice to environmental issues on climate change, erosion, loss of habitat and species loss, pollution and more.  Art can be a voice for change and I believe I have a  responsibility to raise issues and challenge assumptions and thinking. The collection combines humor and irony to advocate for a greater awareness of environmental issues and empowerment to us as a community.


"Celebrating nature" collection


This collection simply celebrates nature and life. Some have narratives, others are just there to please.


"Seascape" collection


These artworks are simply here to celebrate our seabirds and oceans.