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Artist Statement

Creating artwork is as important to me as the air that I breathe. It is the language I use to celebrate nature, to shine a light on the human heart, and to generate feelings of happiness, hope, and joy.


My collections include floral delights, captivating depictions of birds, soothing seascapes, and visual narratives on our environment.


I use colour, symbols, and visual narratives to communicate meaning, and there will often be a story or poem behind my work.  I paint from my heart, and my aim is to create beautiful unique pieces that connect with people.  My hope is that I can quietly enhance people’s lives by filling hearts and homes with a sense of warmth, wellbeing, and inspiration.


​My favourite medium is working in oils, as I love the depth that can be created by layering translucent colours.  This does take time, but the results are amazing.  I also enjoy dabbling with inks and other mediums.  I only use quality materials, including “artist quality” paints, and I use a painting medium with oil paint so I can limit my impact on the environment and clean my brushes in water.


  • Special Recognition Art Award for bringing positive change to the world in the Healing Power of Colour exhibition, The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS, May 2023.
  • Special Recognition Award in “All Women" Art Exhibition 2022, Santa Fe, February 2022​​
  • Award of Excellence for “Mad World” in “The Healing Power of Art 2020” exhibition, Manhattan Arts International, New York, February 2020 to 30 May 2020

  • Award of Excellence for “Autumn Phoenix” in “The Healing Power of Color” exhibition, Manhattan Arts International, New York, June 2019


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