Frequently asked questions

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars

Yay!  For many countries, this means that you will pay less at checkout, due to the rate of the New Zealand exchange rate.  Work it out by using a currency converter.

New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST)

New Zealand GST is paid by me, the Artist.

Duties, Fees and Taxes by the Buyers own country

Depending on where you live, there may be importing duties, fees and taxes.  This will be paid by you, the Buyer. I recommend finding out what duties you may have to pay before making a purchase.

Payment Options

I accept payments via Paypal through my website,  direct payment to my bank account, or via Xoom (a Paypal service).  I am unable to offer credit card payments due to the exorbitant fees banks charge per month.

I've chosen the artwork I love, what do I do now? 

How to purchase an artwork 

  1. If you would like to purchase an artwork, click on the picture of the artwork and click on "Add to Cart".

  2. Then click on "View Cart" to head to the checkout.

  3. You can add, or delete items on this page.

  4. Under "Order Summary" heading you will see options to add in your location. Choose your country and area.

  5. Then choose the shipping option that fits your purchase. These options are:

    • You have purchased a print on paper.

    • You have purchased a canvas under 45 cm (18 inches) at it's longest length.

    • You have purchased a canvas over 45 cm (18 inches) at it's longest length.

  6. Your artwork will be sent via tracked courier.



Most of my original canvas artworks are unframed, however there will be the occasional artworks on canvas that are framed. If the original artwork on canvas is framed, it would have cost me anything between $200 to $500 to frame with a professional framer, depending on the size of the artwork.  I cannot remove these frames.  If you wished to purchase a framed artwork, please ask me to get a quote from the shipping company, as the price for shipping will change from what is calculated at checkout.

Add a personalised message when sending an artwork as a gift

I am very happy to add a personalised message in a card when you purchase an artwork as a gift for someone else.  There is no charge.  Please contact me with the details of your message.