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This is an original oil painting on canvas measuring 15cm square (6 x 6") x 3.5cm deep. The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and is ready to hang.


I have so many photographs of this beautiful bird, who was chattering away to me a few years ago when I was lucky enough to have my camera on me.  This little painting is detailed using a micro-brush and took me two days to paint using oil paint in multiple layers.  


Kākāriki, means “small green parrot”in Māori and they are native birds to New Zealand.  There are five species, and the one I have painted is the red crowned parakeet. The birds generally nest in holes in trees or in crevices along cliffs and are generally only found in predator-free sanctuaries or islands. Kākāriki are usually solitary birds, but can be found in pairs, or in small flocks in autumn and winter. They make a loud rapid chatter when flying and sometimes chatter when feeding.

- Information sourced from the Department of Conservation and Zealandia.


Shipping (packaging, insurance, sent via courier with signature requred):


New Zealand - choose "prints on paper" for free shipping


Australia - choose "Australia Small" at Cart NZ$48 - check the daily currency converter as this should be in your favour.


International - International - sorry, this is the current crazy courier prices. Choose "International Small" at Cart NZ$135 Check the daily currency converter as this should be in your favour.

Photographs are an indication of what the artwork could look like only. Other items in the photograph are not included in the sale.  


Thank you for supporting a living artist!


Kākāriki - original oil on canvas

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