Some of the most destructive fishing methods include the use of driftnets, long-lines, trawls and explosives which kill millions of fish and mammals each year. Commercial fleets employ huge nets and other non-discriminate methods that sweep up unwanted flora and fauna along with the desired catch, obliterating seabed habitat in the process. It's time it stopped.


This is an original artwork on canvas and will not be reproduced. Ink, acrylic and oil paint on fine art paper. Image size 20.5cm wide x 29cm long. Unframed.


The artwork will be professionally packaged and comes with a certificate of authenticity


Photographs are an indication of what the artwork could look like and are not the exact size of the artwork. Other items in the photograph are not included.

Curtain of Death - original ink and oil on incisioni paper

SKU: 6000006

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Located in Wellington

New Zealand

Operating as a New Zealand owned business

Andrea Robinson trading as
Andrea Robinson Fine Art
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