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Podcast: How art contributes to the protection of the environment

Podcast on my environmental paintings:

Rainer Langer is podcaster who is passionate about protecting our environment. He recently contacted me for one of his podcasts, to talk about my work and how art can be a voice for change. He lives in Germany and has regular episodes featuring artists who use their art to advocate for action.

I was heartened to be contacted by Rainer for his podcast on climate change art, and it is fantastic to be part of a collective of artists who are asking leaders all around the world to take action NOW.

It's always interesting for me to listen to others interpret my work, and Rainer has an interesting way of describing what he sees. If you are interested in following him on his climate art journey, you can find him here: - and the link where he talks about two of my paintings that advocate for environmental protection is above.

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