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North Island to the South Island – two artists collaborate to raise money for a bird rescue charity

Andrea Robinson and Andrea Lightfoot may be located in two different parts of New Zealand, but the two artists (one a painter and the other a photographer) share a passion for the environment and birdlife.

Joining together to raise money for “Tranquillity” a bird rescue centre in Southland, Andrea Robinson has created two beautiful artworks from Andrea Lightfoot’s photographs.

“I fell in love with Andrea Lightfoot’s photographs of birds. It struck me that her shots of the playful wax eyes would look wonderful as paintings – so after contacting Andrea I have come up with these two pieces that are available as limited edition prints and small giclee prints on canvas.

A percentage from each sale will go towards Tranquillity. Buyers will get an amazing piece of artwork and the rescue centre will get funds towards their costs.”

The artworks can be purchased from

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