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This hand-painted, 15cm x 15cm wooden heart is part of a small collection of boutique paintings that celebrate nature, beauty, and love. 

I love our native plants and butterflies, and the Kakabeak bush and NZ Red Admiral butterfly are both endangered.  The NZ Red Admiral feeds on the wild Urtica ferox (tree nettle), and sadly their host plant has been seen as a weed and removed from urban areas.  So if you're able to plant these if you live in NZ, that would be helpful. 



Each heart has been a labour of love... I have sanded, undercoated (x2), drilled holes, and selected a satin ribbon for hanging.  I played with my designs, often reworking them so that they grew into something beautiful, and applied three coats of oil paint to get the deep luscious colours.  The heart has been UV coated so that the colours are protected.


The name of each painting is written on the back of the heart, and signed by myself.


Your heart will be bubble-wrapped and posted in a specially designed box.


If this is a gift and you would like a special message to be included with the painting, I am very happy to do this for you.


Get $10 off each additional heart purchase when shipping to the same address.  Message me to receive this offer.



Free within New Zealand.  Choose "Print on Paper" at checkout.


Australia - $20.  Choose "Heart - Australia $20" at checkout.


International - I've decided to eat the postage on this one, so please choose "Heart - Australia $20" at checkout.


Thanks so much for your support


Small Wonders - original painting on board

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