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“Praying for Time” is a painting that is a statement about the loss of habitat, climate change, and pollution that affect all species.  


Straddling the line between beauty and horror, the painting is sweet, yet sad. The painting is filled with symbolism, but rather than explaining it, viewers can decipher the meaning behind the imagery.  Some of the questions you can ask include, is the baby polar bear asleep? Why are whales  in the sky? Where are they going? 


The painting measures 455mm x 910mm x 35mm deep (17.91 x 35.82 x 1.4 inches), and is ready to hang.


Shipping: please use the "canvas over 45cm long" option.


Materials: Premium Artist Oil paint and pastel is used to ensure that the colours are clean, bright and light-steadfast. The paints A and AA ratings aid in the longevity of the paints, and will last well over 75 years.  The canvas is made from 100% cotton with a tight, even weave and is coated with a quality gesso primer.


Photographs are an indication of what the artworks could look like and are not the exact size of the artworks. Other items in the photograph are not included.

"Praying for Time" - original oil on canvas

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