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“Mothers Garden” is about the love, optimism, and happiness we feel to a tended garden.


It is complemented by a poem, specifically written for the painting, which weaved its way between my thoughts and the brush.


“She gives generously with colour and laughter,

resilient to the elements that uproot and weather her delicate petals.

She is a visual symphony.

Delightful and delicate, giving nectar during the day,

rejoicing in the breeze that carries her scent.

Reminiscing with those who sit with her in the dark when her perfume is at its apex.”


This painting is a lovely floral composition that brings beauty and a contemporary feel to a space.  It measures 60cm round (23.5 inches), and is  ready to hang.


Shipping (includes packaging, insurance, sent via courier with signature requred):

New Zealand - choose "Canvas Medium" at Cart - NZ$80

NB: There is a pick up option in Wellington, New Zealand

Australia - choose "Canvas Medium" at Cart - NZ$300

International - choose "Canvas Medium" at Cart - NZ$480

Check out the exhange rate as it will most likely be in your favour.


Materials: Premium Artist board and museum quality oil paint is used to ensure that the colours are clean, bright and light-steadfast. The paints A and AA ratings aid in the longevity of the paints, and will last well over 75 years.  


Photographs are an indication of what the artworks could look like and are not the exact size of the artworks. Other items in the photograph are not included.


Thank you for supporting a living artist!

"Mothers Garden" oil paint on 60cm round board

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