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Spring tides can bring large waves, especially with climate change where the size, intensity, and direction of waves across half of the world’s oceans will drastically change by the end of the century. In some parts of the northern hemisphere, like the east coast of the United States, waves will get smaller and weaker; in other areas, such as in Australasia, waves will get bigger and more powerful, and it is predicted that waves could be 15 percent larger by 2100.


The Fiordland crested penguin is one of the rarest of New Zealand’s penguins and is critically threatened. I wanted to show this threat by using the visual metaphor of giant waves threatening the birds. The Washi umbrella is symbolic of how fragile and unprotected these birds are from the incoming destruction. The blow-up beach ball of the world symbolic of the global impact of climate change.


Premium Artist Oil paint is used to ensure that the colours are clean, bright and light-steadfast. The paints A and AA ratings aid in the longevity of the paints, and will last well over 75 years.  The canvas is made from 100% cotton with a tight, even weave and is coated with a quality gesso primer.  As many as 12 layers of transparent glazes are applied to the paintings to achieve the colour and light displayed in each work.


Measures 91cm x 61cm x 3.5cm deep. Ready to hang.


Photographs are an indication of what the artworks could look like in a room and are not the exact ratio. Other items in the photograph are not included.


All copyright is retained by the artist, and the artwork cannot be reproduced without written consent from the artist.

Incoming - original oil on canvas

$2,800.00 Regular Price
$2,500.00Sale Price
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