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Celebrating Nature and Giving It A Voice

Andrea Robinson,, is an environmental artist living in New Zealand. Creating artwork is the language she uses to tell her story, to connect viewers with nature, and to explore the relationship between nature and the human world.

Celebrating nature is important for Andrea and she enjoys creating artworks that are vibrant and colorful. She explains, “My hope is that my paintings inspire and uplift viewers, giving them a feeling of wellness, hope, and joy.”

Andrea describes her aim as being two-pronged: to celebrate nature; and to raise awareness of environmental issues. To communicate her messages she applies her many skills in a wide variety of mediums, techniques and styles. She is equally adept at capturing what she observes in our natural environment as she is creating works that reflect her vivid imagination. With both approaches and superb use of color and balance, she creates worlds of beauty and activism, which stimulate interest and appreciation, and ignite important cultural and environmental conversations.

The artist believes working in harmony with the environment is important. In addition to using only good quality materials which last longer, she knows that her clients can get anywhere from 75 – 200 years from their investment. She also uses medium gel with her oil paints as it allows her to wash out her brushes in water.

Andrea explains, “In this throw-away society I think it is important that our choices are sustainable both in how we work and what we purchase.”

Andrea’s artwork is collected internationally and she exhibits regularly. She is a member of the Ocean Artist Society and the New Zealand Academy of Fine Art, and she has been published in several magazines and online articles.

Her art was recently selected for “The Healing Power of Color” exhibition presented on The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS website, an initiative of Manhattan Arts International. She won an Award of Excellence for her painting “Autumn Phoenix”, shown above.

Visit Andrea Robinson’s website

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