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New Artworks

Here are two of my latest artworks that are part of the floral impressions series. These are on sale with a number of other originals until March 2018 - so if you are looking to modernise your home - these look amazing.

Pushing the boundary of what is expected as a floral arrangement, these pieces merge abstraction with representation. Muted tones and form are substituted with bold vibrant colour and pattern.

Only premium artist oil paint is used to ensure that the colours are clean, bright and light-steadfast.

The paints A and AA ratings aid in the longevity of the paints, and will last well over 75 years. The canvas is made from 100% cotton with a tight, even weave and is coated with a quality gesso primer.

Measures 76cm wide x 76cm length x 3.5cm deep. Ready to hang.

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