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Renee Phillips "The Artrepreneur Coach"

14 January 2020

"Andrea Robinson creates beautifully composed, imaginative and exuberant paintings with a touch of whimsy. The avid environmentally conscious artist connects viewers to the vibrant and positive aspects of the natural world."

Renee Phillips

31 December 2019


"Andrea Robinson is an avid environmentally conscious artist who celebrates the life-affirming power of nature and gives it a voice. She connects viewers to these attributes in vibrant and positive works of art that are reality-based and also imaginative."


S Ritchie

27 October 2019

"I purchased Andrea Robinson's Harakeke print for my husband for our anniversary. We love Andrea's work, and particularly the way she promotes environmental issues through her paintings. The fact our Harakeke print highlights the plight of wetlands makes it even more special as a piece of art."


L Brown, Dunedin

16 February 2019

"I feel so privileged to be the owner of three of Andrea's pieces, both screen prints and paintings, including her masterpiece "Wakahuia".  I love the colour, cultural significance and symbolism in her works which depict New Zealand landscapes, taonga, flora and fauna.  She manages to utilise the beauty in her artwork to convey important and poignant messages on environmental concerns, climate change and protection of our wildlife, in a subtle and understated way.  I love that her works have this underlying meaning and significance.  Andrea's pictures have created a real impression in my home and provide a dramatic backdrop to my decor.  I have received so many favourable comments from guests and visitors, and it is wonderful to know that these pictures move others and provide as much joy for them, as they do for me.  Andrea is a remarkably gifted and talented artist, and the consummate professional to deal with.  I cannot endorse her and her work more highly."

C Bridges, Perth

15 Sep 2018

"Andrea's paintings are even better in real life! I now own three pieces, and family and friends often comment on how stunning they are - the vibrancy of the colours and the quality of the artwork. I look forward to adding further to my collection."

G Schimanski, Wellington

10 Feb 2018

"I am a proud collector of Andrea Robinson's Art. Her paintings are of the finest quality and add a breath of fresh air into a room. I never get tired of looking at them."

R McDonald, Wellington

2 March 2017

"I have been following Andrea’s art for a number of years. It is unique with subtle clues that tell a story and her artwork keeps me coming back for a second look.  Andrea’s paintings resonate with energy and vitality and she has the astounding ability to challenge viewers to look more closely at what is around us or with what is happening in the world. With her characteristic boldness she captures her imagination with a range of genres from bright bold abstracts to contemporary interpretations of realism. She is reliable and trustworthy and is a pleasure to deal with."


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Located in Wellington

New Zealand

Operating as a New Zealand owned business

Ocean Artists Society

Manhattan Arts International

New Zealand Academy of Fine Art

Andrea Robinson trading as
Andrea Robinson Fine Art
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