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“Wakahuia” are carved wooden containers made by Māori, where prized personal possessions are stored. In my painting I have placed the baby gannet next to the wakahuia as a symbol to show that our birdlife and environment are treasures to be looked after. Covered in seaweed, the bird looks bejewelled and regal. However it is climate change that has forced gannets to adapt to rising temperatures by cooling chicks with seaweed.


The original is unframed and measures 91cm x 61cm x 3.5cm deep. Ready to hang.


Premium Artist Oil paint is used to ensure that the colours are clean, bright and light-steadfast. The paints A and AA ratings aid in the longevity of the paints, and will last well over 75 years.  The canvas is made from 100% cotton with a tight, even weave and is coated with a quality gesso primer.  As many as 12 layers of transparent glazes are applied to the paintings to achieve the colour and light displayed in each work.


Photographs are an indication of what the artworks could look like in a room and are not to the exact ratio. Other items in the photograph are not included.


All copyright is retained by the artist, and the artwork cannot be reproduced without written consent from the artist.

Wakahuia - original oil on canvas


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