I love to celebrate nature.  "Remembrance" is inspired by the roses I grow in my garden and is titled for the memory of summer and the past. The painting is influenced by the artist Giovanna Garzoni, a female Italian painter of the 1600s who painted nature with exotic objects.


My painting places a vase of flowers with a late 19th century Ottoman silver coffee cup and modern secateurs. The painting contrasts the present with the past and the local with the exotic. 


This painting is also a tribute to Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts International. Renee is a strong supporter of under-represented female artists and I am grateful for the support and her inspiration which has guided me to look at female artists of the past. Thank you Renee!


Original oil on canvas measures 76cm x 76cm (30 inches square)


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Remembrance - original oil on canvas - 76cm (30") square