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"Mine" is an original oil on canvas painting measuring 24" wide x 18" high x 1.37 deep (61cm wide x 46cm high x 3.5cm deep). It was created from my imagination, where I created personalities for the little wax eyes - who absolutely LOVE apples! My purpose for this painting is to amuse, and allow viewers to dwells in a space of happiness and contentment.


The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and is ready to hang, unframed.


Shipping options:


New Zealand

Choose "canvas under 44cm" $60



Choose "canvas under 44cm" $200; or 

Choose rolled in a tube for $100 - you will need to get the painting restretched at a professional framing company.


The artwork was painted with permission from Andrea Lightfoot, a photographer in Southland who took the photo and who also runs a bird rescue center called "Tranquility" located in Southland, New Zealand. Half of the profits from the sale of this painting will be donated to Tranquility.


Photographs are an indication of what the artwork could look like only. Other items in the photograph are not included in the sale.  Thank you for supporting a living artist.


Mine - original oil on canvas

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