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  • Renee Phillips

Celebrating Nature and Giving It A Voice

Andrea Robinson is The Artist Showcase Member of The Week

Through her exquisite paintings Andrea Robinson expresses her passion for raising awareness about protecting the environment, connecting viewers with nature, and encouraging a harmonious relationship between nature and the human world.

Her painting shown above titled "Autumn Phoenix" won an Award of Excellence in “The Healing Power of Color” exhibition presented on The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS website, an initiative of Manhattan Arts International. Her artwork is collected internationally and she exhibits regularly. She is a member of the Ocean Artist Society and the New Zealand Academy of Fine Art, and she has been published in several magazines and online articles.

Members Celebrate Recent Sales

With pleasure I bring this wonderful article in which 11 artist members tell us about their recent art sales and remind us that selling art is a joyful exchange between artist and buyer. Andrea Robinson recently sold ‘Wakahuia’ (shown above) a painting that "was created from my heart". She shares the comment she received from the owners.

Manhattan Arts International does not sell art. We encourage you to contact the artists directly through their websites.

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