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Welcome to my gallery! Here you will find my collections that I hope will inspire and connect with you.

If you are looking for a statement piece, you have come to the right place.  There is something to be said for the simplicity of one large artwork on a wall and I am happy to work with you to fit your sizing and colour requirements. 


All my artworks are painted by myself and are original. I don't reproduce the same original, but if there is something you like I can paint something similar for you.


Quality is very important to me, so whether it is an original painting or a giclee print, all are printed off-site by an expert who understands colour management and who uses museum grade inks, and acid-free, high quality papers and canvases that will last and stay true for years to come.

I also have work showing in various exhibitions, so check out what I'm up to.


Thank you for visiting my on-line gallery. Andrea

Memberships, current exhibitions, and awards

Current exhibitions:
  • Wai Art, 10 to 12 September, Carterton Events Centre
  • Work is also available from local and international galleries
I am a member of:
  • Award of Excellence for “Mad World” in “The Healing Power of Art 2020” exhibition, Manhattan Arts International, New York, February 2020 to 30 May 2020

  • Award of Excellence for “Autumn Phoenix” in “The Healing Power of Color” exhibition, Manhattan Arts International, New York, June 2019



My name is Andrea and I am an artist living in New Zealand.  

Creating artwork is as important to me as the air that I breathe. It is the language I use to tell my story, to celebrate nature, and to raise awareness of environmental issues.


Andrea with pattern painting.jpg

I have a varied approach to my work.  I love many styles and mediums and my messages are more important than using the same approach to my work.  From stylised realism to illustration, I love it all!


Some of my artworks are based on what I see in the natural environment, and some are from my imagination – this way I can create worlds of beauty and activism, which I hope will create cultural conversations around our environment.  I love celebrating nature, so I also paint our natural environment to inspire and uplift viewers which I hope will give a feeling of hope and joy.

You will find my artwork exhibiting in galleries and shows around New Zealand, and I regularly have artwork exhibiting in on-line international galleries and shows.  I am proudly a member of several organisations, I have had a number of articles published, and I am humbled to have won several awards. These can be viewed on my Exhibitions page.

I support a number of causes, donating money from my full time job as well as from many of my artworks.  Click on my original artworks to see which causes my artwork assists. 

As an environmental artist my aim is to work in harmony with the natural environment as much as I can. I only use good quality materials, as good brushes can be used repetitively whereas cheap brushes are generally thrown out after a few uses. I use thick canvases and papers, and museum grade paints - as these last anywhere from 75 – 200 years which is more sustainable than using thin canvases and prints that disintegrate or fade after a short time, and are designed to be thrown out. I also use Schmincke medium gel with my oil paints as it allows me to wash out my brushes in water. In this throw-away society I think it is important that our choices are sustainable both in how we work and what we purchase. 

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, you can do this directly through my website, or you can find my work in a number of galleries.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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